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How to run: vpn 1401 (with hifn 7955 chipset)

I'm using arch 2.6.39-arch 64 bit. I got a crypto card vpn 1401 and have no idea how to make it running.
Uncle google didnt help me with drivers (for linux, there are one for FreeBSD but I have to run it on linux).
I need this to do work excercise on university, so please help me if you have used this kind of cards or have an idea how to solve this.


I found hifn_795x module works with this card, but only with 32 bits system, so i installed Arch 32 bit and module is loaded correctly but i dont know how to test the card and what tools can work with this card.

is there anyone who can help me?

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sory for my english, I am beginer:)


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