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#1 2012-11-25 12:05:59

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Xfce4 installation

I've just installed xfce4 using pacman.
My current DE is gnome3.
What should I do now so that xfce4 replaces gnome3?
Thank you.

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Re: Xfce4 installation

Right now you've got two DE, there's nothing technically wrong with it. You can just switch session type in you current display manager (GDM) to Xfce4 and login to Xfce4 desktop to see if it fits your needs

To "replace" gnome you need something like this:
- remove Gnome 3 (pacman -R gnome gnome-extra should do it)
- install some display manager (you can leave GDM and use it with Xfce even if you don't use Gnome)
- use your display manager to login into Xfce4 desktop*

*you don't need to have display manager but that's whole another story, it's more convenient for most people (especially for newbies) to have one

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Re: Xfce4 installation

I would suggest updating your /home/name/.xinitrc

add -->
exec dbus-launch startxfce4
& place a '#' infront of the gnome line if there. … _boot_time   --> Wilki instructions for XFCE & xinitrc.

Slim & lxdm ( display managers )read this file to decide what to run. I have not used gdm in quite a while so I am not sure on that one

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Re: Xfce4 installation

I had xfce with kde.When you log in just choose session you want in gdm like I choose in kdm.There should be section in settings about sessions.You can set it there also.

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