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From: Null Void
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Nested RAID at Startup: Not Persistent


I have some issues with keeping a RAID setup across restarts.

Here is my setup:

Hard disk drives:



/dev/md/Data_RAID (Level 0)
Formed from:


/dev/md/Data (Level 1)
Formed from:


The issue appears after rebooting the computer:
There are now two arrays instead of one:
Instead of /dev/md/Data containing:


There are two RAID 1 arrays:


Removed component


Removed component

It's as if each component has formed one array by itself, "expecting" the other to join.

To form the originally created array again, I need to stop one of these two arrays, and add its component to the other, running, array (afterwhich it synchronizes).
I added all of the present arrays in /etc/mdadm.conf

I would like to note that /dev/sde is a hard disk drive, which is attached via USB 3.

I have read the wiki article on RAID, especially the section on assembling arrays on boot, but I had already done what is described there (and throughout the article). I have also read on some Ubuntu website, stating that in order to create a neste array, I need to created with a certain switch (I forgot which); but this is for Ubuntu.
I have also followed up on mdadm nested arrays, but the poster's workaround did not work in my case.

So, how can I make the system "remember" the array configuration after restarting, particularly this array?
I can provide more specific details, such as command output, the exact commands I have used, if one demands.
Thank you.

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