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#1 2013-02-28 21:30:18

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BSOD on Hyper-V host machine upon updating guest Arch VM


I think it is best to post this on the windows forums, but as I experienced there are very experienced people around here too, who might have a tip.
I run arch for a long time now but now decided to run an arch vm on a windows machine, using hyper-v. Install was just fine and boot up, too, although triggering udev events takes considerable amount of time compared to what I am used to with arch as host.
Nevertheless, whenever I UPDATE (pacman -Syu) my HOST machine BSOD's.

I run: Windows 8 Pro, fully up-to-date. on a lenovo x220 (i7, 8GB Ram) in a hyper-v machine with no swap, 2gb allocated ram and a 5gb automatically expanding vhd.
Arch Kernel is 3.7.9, the BSOD crash report is: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and the corresponding microsoft page: … s.85).aspx

Also I do not have the host modules for linux installed, as I figure there are only some supplied by MS for RHEL?
One minute before BSOD I also get an incompatibility "warning" in the error log that the VM network adapter and the host network adapter versions do not match, the problem does not occour on internet access though but only when I run updates (wget, ping run fine!).

I just want to put that out there as somebody might have an idea or ran into the same problem.
I would really like to provide more information if I'd know what smile.

Thanks for your time.


#2 2013-03-01 00:52:24

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Re: BSOD on Hyper-V host machine upon updating guest Arch VM

You're doing it backwards. 

Run Arch as the host.  That way when Windoze breaks, you don't have a full system crash! smile


#3 2013-03-01 01:32:33

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Re: BSOD on Hyper-V host machine upon updating guest Arch VM

This is a Hyper-V problem, not an Arch problem, although I'm not really familiar with Hyper-V.  The clue would that it's not your Arch setup crashing but the Windows one, so this thread's likely to get closed soon.

What makes you think the modules are only for RHEL?  Modules are typically hardware drivers and compatiblity components available to the Linux kernel itself, and thus are distro-agnostic.  Have you tried installing them?


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