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Hard drive started spinning down automatically

Recently (possibly after an update) my hard drive seems to spin down after a few seconds of inactivity. How can I make it never spin down automatically?


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Re: Hard drive started spinning down automatically

Goto settings->power manager and uncheck the "Spin down hard disks" checkboxes under battery and ac, maybe?

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Re: Hard drive started spinning down automatically

have you checked to see how often it does spin down?

sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda

this thread may also help:

once you are certain you can try:

hdparm -S 0 /dev/sda

there might be other things to try so i suggest searching the bbs & google for more info, also check which make/model the drive in question is & find some info pertaining to your drive.

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Re: Hard drive started spinning down automatically

Common issue with laptops, odd that it only started after an update though. The 'Laptop' wiki page details the issue/solution well. … wn_problem


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Re: Hard drive started spinning down automatically

I used to use hdparm to set the value of APM super high.  I had a udev rule to set it automatically when it detected a certain disk that would make crunching sounds when it spun down.

Edit: as noted above, I too noticed just the other day that smartctl seems to also have this functionality, though I have never tried it.  The above suggestion to use "hdparm -S <value> /dev/sdX" might work, as it is the spindown timeout, but you probably want to use the "-B" flag as this is what directly controls APM.  See the hdparm man page for more infos.

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