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Grub2, Themes and LUKS password prompt

I switched from Ubuntu to Arch last weekend and have been very happy with it so far. As part of the switch I decided to go with whole disk encryption using LUKS instead of home directory encruption that I used previously with Ubuntu. I have configured Grub2 to use a theme and noticed once I pick the boot selection theme shows console activity in a frame contained within the frame until it prompts for the LUKS password at which point it flips to full console mode.

Is there a way to get the LUKS prompt for a password to remain confined within the Grub2 theme, I did lot's of googling on the topic but didn't find any obvious ways to do it. It's a small thing, but from a visual perspective I'd prefer it if possible. I'm using the arch suse Grub2 theme if it makes any difference.


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