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#1 2018-08-29 18:16:24

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GPU video playback/decoding rant

Hi everyone,

after all this years, youtube video decoding still does not work, at least on mine nvidia card (750Ti) using the proprietary drivers and it uses
two cores at 100% percent to play a full hd video. Far as i know, GPU decoding is far more energy efficient, and after all, we live in an era where
energy efficiency ideology is going strong. Wonder why none of the companies behind chrome, firefox don't put a bit more effort of fixing this.

This is a personal rant, does anyone feel the same or does the decoding actually work for anyone, and if yes, then how? Because I sure cound't
ever get it to work and I tried all the tutorials out there. Recently I play videos via smplayer since there it works. However my laptop has an
integrated intel GPU and there it work out of the box in both firefox and chromium (i get about 18-20% one core usage when playing a
full HD youtube video). I also have a retro PC with a HD3450 dedicated GPU and for some miraculous reason, it also works...

What's your opinion on the topic? Personally i am fed up with hearing the CPU and PSU cooler running at maximum speed each
time I play a video.

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Re: GPU video playback/decoding rant

I had horrible frame rates with Chromium on sites with video.  The solution turned out to be to use Firefox.  That just works for me.  By the way, rants are usually dustbinned.


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