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New contribution "nautilus-bluetooth": translators needed

Hi everyone!

I have written a very simple extension for Nautilus that adds a “Send via Bluetooth” entry to Nautilus’ right-click menu (please have a look at the nautilus-bluetooth package in AUR).

The package is very fresh and still needs help with the internationalization. If any non-English speaker wishes to get involved, there are only two strings to translate:

1. "Send via Bluetooth"
2. "Send the selected files to a Bluetooth device"

It really shouldn't take much time. The git repository where to contribute is

Here is what to do step by step. Let's say you want to create a Dutch translation of nautilus-bluetooth. First thing to do is to check that gettext is installed in your system. Then launch the following three commands:

git clone
cd nautilus-bluetooth/po
msginit -l nl

Type your email address and press enter. Next thing to do is to edit the po/LINGUAS file and add a new line containing the abbreviated name of the new language (nl).

Finally, open the file po/nl.po, translate the two strings above, et voila. All you have to do now is to commit your changes.


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