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#1 2020-02-02 15:05:16

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Using dhcpcd issues here on Arch


On several arch based linux distributions that come with openRC, connecting smartphone to laptop via usb tethering  is possible to get by just using command dhcpcd terminal single time

Here on arch linux dhcpcd at first gives this

[root@archlinux tmv]# dhcpcd
dev: loaded udev
no interfaces have a carrier
forked to background, child pid 1621

Then typing dhcpcd -x and typing dhcpcd again gives the proper connection

[root@archlinux tmv]# dhcpcd
dev: loaded udev
enp0s25: waiting for carrier
dhcpcd_prestartinterface: wlp2s0: Operation not possible due to RF-kill
wlp2s0: waiting for carrier
DUID 61:51:32:51:55:44:6t:11:ww:qq:zz:cc:ss:kk:33:d3:22:11
enp0s26f7u1: IAID 1a:4c:22:11
enp0s26f7u1: soliciting a DHCP lease
enp0s26f7u1: offered 666.333.44.555 from 321.123.44.555
enp0s26f7u1: probing address 333.555.12.2/33
enp0s26f7u1: soliciting an IPv6 router
enp0s26f7u1: leased 777.666.55.444 for 3600 seconds
enp0s26f7u1: adding route to
enp0s26f7u1: adding default route via
forked to background, child pid 1718

What's causing this that dhcpcd isn't able to contact device at first but at second time only, having to type dhcpcd twice is waste of time.

I am new to linux 24 years and vegetarian.

If i typed something wrong please correct me as i am learning.
Thank you.


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Re: Using dhcpcd issues here on Arch

Try doing this

dhcpcd -dB

This should tell you exactly what dhcpcd is doing.

It could also be that udev isn't letting dhcpcd use an interface. Try disabling dhcpcd support for udev like so:

dhcpcd -dB --nodev

If the latter works but the former fails, please file a bug with the udev maintainers.


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