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Boot from built-in sd card reader (not USB adapter)?

Hi, I'm writing here about some help on GRUB but I'm not sure I wrote in the correct section, I ask for help from the moderators if by chance I got the wrong section.
I recently got my old HP Pavilion dv6 (exact model I don't know but this is the series)
The specifications are:
CPU: Intel I5 M430
GPU: Nvidia g 105m
4GB of RAM
500gb HDD
4gb sd card
I decided to install Arch Linux on internal HDD, everything is fine and fine.
However, I decide that every now and then I want to try secondary distributions and install them on an SD card that I inserted into the integrated reader, I don't even find problems installing various distributions (I tried with Android and LibreElec).
But the problem is that apparently the BIOS does not support booting from SD card, so I thought of adding an option in the already present GRUB (installed by arch linux on the primary HDD) to boot from SD card but there is a problem, not many people think of trying SD card distributions so consequently there are not many threads and solutions around so I ask for help here.
Doing ls on GRUB (always with sd card inserted) only the internal HDD appears and therefore I cannot chainloader on SD card.
The fundamental question is:
How do I boot any OS on the SD card MBR using GRUB?
Have a nice day and thank you very much in advance.


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