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[SOLVED] MacBook Air is not able to run systemd-boot and shows error

This is the problem I am having.
The Apple bootloader is able to detect the EFI partition and shows it as a bootable, but as it attempts to run it, it fails and sends me to the question mark on a file screen.

  • The laptop is a Late 2015 MacBook Air.

  • I've installed Big Sur and replaced it with Arch.

  • I've used systemd-boot as my bootloader and installed it in the EFI partition

  • I've created an entry in esp/loader/entries/arch.conf

I'm happy to provide any further information on the problem. (And yes I have used the installation guide as well as the Mac wiki)

What was wrong

  • My EFI partition was not listed in fstab.

  • Initramfs-linux, initramfs-linux-fallback and vmlinuz-linux are meant to be on the EFI partition

  • intel-ucode was missing from the EFI partition

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