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Flip pages in side-by-side mode in zathura

I don't really know if this is the correct place to ask this but here I am. I am trying to customize zathura so it behaves as if its flipping pages of a book in side-by-side mode.

Say I have page 6 of a book on the left and page 7 on the right. By flipping a page I mean that page 7 appears on the left and page 8 appears on the right. I have achieved this to a certain degree by adding these two bindings :

map b "set first-page-column 1:1"
map B "set first-page-column 1:2"

I got this idea from the ArchWiki. But I have to go forward a page and press B to get what I want. Is there a way that I could map two different functions to a single key, because it would allow me to go forward and change the first-page-column in a single key stroke.

Furthermore, I was reading through the man pages for zathurarc(5) and found an option "advance-pages-per-row". The entry reads:

    Defines if the number of pages per row should be honored when advancing a

    Value type: Boolean
    Default value: false

So tried to set its value to true. But it seems to me that nothing really changed. Can anyone tell what `advance-pages-per-row` does and what exactly does "pages per row should be honored" mean.

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