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Do we need universal Package Management Systems?

Hello there
this is 2022 and congratulation, we're here ALIVE.
And at this stage we have universal pkg mngrs doing really great, but on Arch and arch based distros, do we really need them?
Let me explain my situation that might be same with tons of other people :
I'm an arch user, on my personal machines, and I'm happy with pacman and paru(AUR helper) it's for a long time I don't think I require anything else.
However, on work is something else, using Ubuntu 18 there (I had to choose between windows and Ubuntu) so then I was dealing with that stupid software version updating(I can understand there is a philosophy)
I don't want to prolong it, but the problem started exactly the first second I touched the keyboard I just installed the Julia programming language compiler and ran a script and boom error after error on my testing script, so I tried on my laptop, it was just fine. Then after 15 mins I figured that out this is version 1.0.3 but whole this module is added at V1.3 tried snaps, same version, installed flatpak, nothing there.

So while we have AUR and git clone, do u think we should give such thing a chance? :)
are u using them for any reason?
I really love to use them like we don't have something like .exe, but isn't using the pacman and AUR the best option for other distros too? :))


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Re: Do we need universal Package Management Systems?

No, it didn't "fix" anything. It just shifted the brokeness one space to the right. - jasonwryan
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Re: Do we need universal Package Management Systems?

Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature -- Michael Faraday
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Re: Do we need universal Package Management Systems?

Nix is useful for reproducible set ups that need specific package versions. It's in the repositories.


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