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TOC of Arch install cd?


Is there somewhere a commented list of all packages which are installed after the installation CD has done its work?
I've searched quite a bit and havn't found anything.

Just out of curiosity - I've installed Arch to learn things about Linux, and to know why which programs are included in the base system would help me, I think.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: TOC of Arch install cd?

pacman -Qq


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Re: TOC of Arch install cd?

Hmmm, not exactly what I was looking for.
I wanted a commented list of the packages on a pristine, newly installed Arch. Mine isn't.

Theres a list on the .iso, but it's also uncommented.
Commented meaning: What does it do? Why is this package on the iso and not any other?


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Re: TOC of Arch install cd?

If you want the description, too then use this:

pacman -Qq | LC_ALL=C xargs pacman -Qi | grep "\(Description\|Name\)"

Edit: This is the list with the packages which will be installed. If another package is installed it is a dependency and is required to run a base-application properly.
The group contains the kernel, basic linux tools , a shell, a simple editor (+ vi as quasi-standard), and tools to set up a network connection.

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Re: TOC of Arch install cd?

The packages on the iso are unrelated to the packages on the installed system. The packages on the system are whatever you installed using pacstrap (usually the base and base-devel groups). You can list these using

pacman -Sgq base base-devel

Merge that with progandy's script to get the description too.

pacman -Sgq base base-devel | LC_ALL=C xargs pacman -Si | grep "\(Description\|Name\)"

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Re: TOC of Arch install cd?

Just read the pacman log.

As for why the packages are there, it is because *you* choose to install them.

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