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Nvidia drivers and integrated graphics

Hi everyone! I am pretty new to arch Linux and I have a laptop with nvidia optimus technology, Intel Skylake processor and gtx960m.
I want to use arch Linux with only the integrated graphics card because I need to save battery, on Ubuntu what I do is simply install the official nvidia drivers and then switch by simply opening the Xserver setting panel and switching form the discrete gpu to the integrated one.
Now I have a fresh arch Linux install that I have made reading a lot of the wiki, I don't want to broke the system so I just want to ask you if I will install the official nvidia drivers will I be able to switch in the same way I used to do on Ubuntu?
Thank you in advance.

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Re: Nvidia drivers and integrated graphics

No idea what's Xserver setting panel. You mean nvidia-settings? I have no experience with optimus but I think bbswitch is the thing you use to turn off the discrete card?


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