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How to diagnose system lockup while using Kodi

I am new to finding logs about crashes and issues that I am running into. I am trying to diagnose why I get what seems to be a full system lockup when using Kodi. Between 3 - 60 min I will get a solid color screen, no response and keyboard, my SSH connection will lock up and I can't reconnect. I am not using a keyboard with lights so I am unsure if it is a kernel panic or where to start looking for what the issue is. I only get this when running Kodi, sometimes while not even playing a video. I have put some stress on the hardware to test it while compiling a few packages and everything is ok. I am up to date on all packages.

Linux 4.3.3-3-ARCH x86_64
Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N2930
Kodi 15.2-3


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Re: How to diagnose system lockup while using Kodi

One thing to try: Open a console and follow the journal log

$ journalctl -f

then start Kodi.

Or does Kodi have a debug switch if you run it from a console?


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Re: How to diagnose system lockup while using Kodi

Enable debugging in kodi, see their wiki, and you might learn something when you reboot and inspect that log.  I believe I saves the old log so you will not need to worry about overwrighting it upon rebooting.

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