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Boot script to start wifi hotspot

Hi im new to Archlinux. I am trying to make a boot script to start my wifi hotspot.

This is the code

 sudo create_ap -w 2 wlan0 eth0 (ssid) (passwd) 

The wlan driver is installed and working but to start the hotspot i need to login on my Raspberry Pi.
Thanks in advance or am i in the wrong forum?


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Re: Boot script to start wifi hotspot

yes wrong forum. you should be looking for archlinuxarm forums

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Re: Boot script to start wifi hotspot

Your question is somewhat unclear but it seems that you are asking how to configure something on a Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux ARM. That is a separate distribution and we cannot provide support for it here. Please ask for help on their forum.

If I have misunderstood your question and you want to know how to log in remotely via Arch Linux x86_64 or i686 in a script, please file a request to re-open this thread then clarify your question when it has been re-opened.

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