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Pseudo fullscreen with transparent windows

I recently decided to switch to dwm from i3. In i3 when I would full screen a window, it would actually be full screen-ed, such that and only that window would show anything else wouldn't be visible (status bar and other windows in the container) regardless of whether that window was transparent or not.

I installed the actualfullscreen patch and it pretty much does what I want. But when the window in question is transparent, such as my terminal, other windows within the tag will also show sort of like when you'd use a desktop environment instead of a wm.

I've tired using picom with "--experimental-backends" and set "transparent-clipping = true" in the config. With that I get the expected behavior but when I an invoke popup_menus there I first see my background for like half a second and only then the menu appears. This gets even worse when I want the menu to disappear. So my question is there another way to achieve a full screen like in i3?


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