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#1 2024-01-24 17:41:33

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Tracktion Waveform all licences locked.

Hello, Arch LInux Community!
I recently installed tracktion waveform on my Arch Linux machine from the AUR [using paru]
I have used this software on other distros, before I landed on arch, all that had the "free" license unlocked.
This AUR Version seems to not allow me to use any licenses!
And yes. That top bar that says "waveform is in demo mode, click here to get the free license" does not work and does not open anything. Tracktion does not provide a Arch Linux version for waveform [they only provide .deb files]. Do any of you know how to resolve this?

Package from AUR: tracktion-waveform


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Re: Tracktion Waveform all licences locked.

Mod note: moving to AUR Issues.

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Re: Tracktion Waveform all licences locked.

[-] Unsolved.


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Re: Tracktion Waveform all licences locked.

Please do not bump threads.  Consider this a warning.

If you wish to bring a thread back to life, the proper way to do it is to provide more information, tell us what you have learned on your own initiative since last you posted, what conversations you have had upstream, etc...   
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On the other head, I could interpret that as a close request.  If so, let the moderators know using the report link.

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