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Re: The WMFS Thread (Window Manager From Scratch)

Hi! I just installed wmfs2 and all seems pretty good...but when i try to edit the "default" theme to set another font, nothing change. I tried to use another config file (like the ones you can find in deviantart), all seems ok, except the font...(tried terminus, dejavu, nu, visitor1, anorexia...but nothing...)

Now, my config file is a copy of the exemple, so nothing is changed. What am i supposed to do to change the font? Is there something wrong with my fonts?


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Re: The WMFS Thread (Window Manager From Scratch)

Is there a keybinding to send a client(app) to another tag(desktop) and FOLLOW it?
I know you can send an app to another tag.

Also is there a monocle mode - I dont see any in the config(wmfsrc)

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Re: The WMFS Thread (Window Manager From Scratch)

Hello, dear WMFS users big_smile
Does anybody actually knows how to setup nice font antialiasing and gtk2 and gtk3 theming in WMFS2?
Because my WM looks extremely ugly now LOL

P.S. Also I can not make urxvt real transparency work
I am using



URxvt*background: [89]#000000
URxvt*depth: 32
URxvt*buffered: true

And this config works fine w/o xcompmgr on MATE for example.

Font & theming is so ugly:

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