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#26 2005-11-10 08:35:43

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Re: speedtouch modem driver not loading after reboot

I would just like to add that in my earlier days with Arch (10 months or so ago) I could not get my speedtouch modem working and there was no wiki IIRC, so I ditched it for a hardware modem/router. Given the current state of the wiki, I believe if I came to Arch for the first time today, I could get it working - and I may try it just for the fun of it.
I believe that the wiki is a testament to the effort that we Archers put forth in order to better the whole Arch community. There will always be errors and differing opinions as to what should and should not be included on the wiki, but as long as the information provided helps a would-be Archer join the community it doesn't matter.
I thank you both, i3839 and dtw for you efforts on the SpeedTouch page and commend the whole community for their continuing involvement in the wiki.



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