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Re: Hibernation

JokerBoy wrote: does. tongue

That's why I said, it's up to the maintainer.
Thanks Tobias.


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Re: Hibernation

rubenvb wrote:
laloch wrote:

No, the patch doesn't seem to make it into the sad

Thanks. Is there any way to downgrade the arch kernel easily to (with matching nvidia modules) or should I get the -lts kernel?

In they reverted the patch which broke hibernation. For me it's working nice, BUT I have to say that I use kernel26-pf from AUR which contain TOI (and this is exactly why I use it).

webmasteryoda wrote:

thx for your answer.
I ll patch it, and do it again if it stops working.... I use hibernation alot.

Btw, if You use hibernation a lot, do install a kernel which includes TOI, it's a night and day experience difference btw TOI and standard swsusp! As an example I can say that hibernate with RAM used at 7.7Gb level is about 1 minute and resume takes a bit less less than that on my T500 (Dual Core 2.5GHz, 8G RAM) not to say that desktop is usable instantly after resume is finished! Must have thing smile I really wonder why this brilliant software is not in kernel yikes

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