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Re: Accessing USB device (Arduino) while not root

Did you log out and back in after adding your user to the group uucp ?
What does groups tell you?

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Re: Accessing USB device (Arduino) while not root

@ ewaller Thank you for your interest.

Yes, I do log out (also reboot)

$ groups
    lock network power vboxusers docker video uucp optical lp wheel nic
$ whoami

(nic is also the current user, with a own group named nic )

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Re: Accessing USB device (Arduino) while not root

I know it's an old thread, but just to add that for me I actually had to *reboot* after adding my user to the uucp group to make it work.

Logging out and in left me with a weird state of `groups` saying I was only part of 'wheel' and my user group, while `groups myuser` said I was also part of 'uucp'.

Weird stuff.

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