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Re: C++ Study Group Anyone?

I've skimmed briefly "Principles and practice using C++", "Accelerated C++" and "Thinking in C++".

The initial impressions:
"Principles and practice" feels monolithic to me: About 1200 pages length and very in depth. Nevertheless, it feels like a good reference.

"Accelerated C++" it's a bit clunky. Best suited to people with experience in various programming languages.

"Thinking in C++" is a pretty good introduction to programming, OOP, and C++. The writing style is clear and both volumes are freely available. I would go with this one.

My thoughts are, we first need to know the level of knowledge each group member have, and then try to reach a consensus for using the same learning material, as we could organize the assignments best. Feel free to comment either here or in the Google groups page.


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