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Re: Pantheon Shell on Archlinux

Vipah wrote:

What you mean by that? Do I need a graphical login?

No, it just means verifying the wiki won't help you in the immediate. (Though the wiki could always use some help).

First, have you configured your system to boot directly to X11, or do you expect to login at a terminal, enter a tty, and do something like startx?

Second, I have a theory about this:

I tried it but I ended up with a pointer on a blue background.

Sounds like your window manager (gala) didn't start, or got stuck.

cerbere is probably running with the default gsetting:

$ gsettings get io.elementary.desktop.cerbere monitored-processes
['wingpanel', 'plank']

You might try appending gala to that list (old solution to a similar problem with older versions of pantheon-session):

$ gsettings set io.elementary.desktop.cerbere monitored-processes "['wingpanel', 'plank', 'gala']"

Then, with exec cerbere in your .xinitrc, you should get a whole desktop environment when you startx. (No need for gnome-session).

Gala is usually started by gnome-session, among other things via: /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/pantheon.session. Not sure why it wouldn't have worked when you ran gnome-session from the tty; but then I haven't tried running gnome-session from a tty.

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Re: Pantheon Shell on Archlinux

Vipah, add this to your xinintrc

exec gnome-session --session=pantheon

Now everything should be fine. I had to add wingpanel and plank to the autoload.


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Re: Pantheon Shell on Archlinux

Hi guys,

I particularly love Arch and I love Pantheon, and I've been trying to use it satisfactorily, and in pain learning how to install it. I tried to follow the Wiki but I can't get past the gala compilation (-git - as wiki). I left an Issue at Alucryd Repo.

So I found a really nice guy who published this tutorial and has kept it updated. Following it I installed using pantheon-stable. Everything goes well. Except the Pantheon-Greeter. But I use another greeter that satisfies me in LightDM.

I am in a clean install where I only installed vala and an AUR Helper (yay)

So let's go to what doesn't work and it's pissing me off:

- Night light - I got used to this Feature on Windows, Gnome, and Elementary OS itself. I would like to understand what is missing to work.
- Logout - too late to log out, and when I log back in I have to log in twice.
- Shortcut Keys - Mainly involving Screen Capture. I tried to recreate the combinations with the PRINT key but they don't work. META + T key for Terminal does not even exist in the list. In short no Custom combination works. And I use it a lot. Too bad to be without.
- Music - Application does not open. In the terminal it returns:

[1] 20872 segmentation fault (core dumped)

- Sharing - This I can use with part tools like MiniDLNA. But it would be nice to use it the right way. What is missing for this to work?
- Appearance / Tweaker - I like the default Elementary theme, but let's be aware that there are also several compatible GTK's themes that allow us a bit of freedom in customizing Pantheon.  Another very bad thing is not being able to change the layout of the window buttons. It simply does not work.
The only thing that seems to work is the change of Cursors and Dark mode.

I would spend a lot on using this environment more satisfactorily.

If anyone can help fix some of these problems, I will be very happy.


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Re: Pantheon Shell on Archlinux

adsoncicilioti, Hi!

The location of the window buttons can be changed by creating the file ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini:


I was able to solve some problems (night mode, custom keyboard shortcuts, changing themes and icons) by simply launching the pantheon using xinitrc:

exec gnome-session --session=pantheon



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