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#26 2013-12-02 14:33:04

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Re: Cannot wipe USB stick - filesystem is read only

I have same issue, on 3 usbsticky.

One I self do it, i was putting files on windows 7 and i take over usbsticky without eject securily, then now is ready-only.

I do the same things in the post #1.

I try some hardcore step, make a badblock destructive mode in usb key.

# badblocks -wsv -o wrongblocks.txt /dev/sdb

No errors was founded. This destroy partition table and filesystem.

Then i use gpt table, read-only again.
And use fdisk to make mbr partition, and read-only again.

I dont have ideas, and no solve at moment.


#27 2014-06-16 01:23:13

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Re: Cannot wipe USB stick - filesystem is read only

Try dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb.
I let it run for 2 hours and I stopped it.
Note I set it to write to SDB not sdb1.   

sdb is a USB key that has been originally used for a Debian live system.Since it most likely had the time to overwrite the first 1.2 G of that read only partition I was able to create a new partition table and reformat it.

Hope this is making your day after that long wait smile, or may be it makes your year smile)


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Mario Chapa
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Re: Cannot wipe USB stick - filesystem is read only

I was having exactly the same problem and stumbled upon this thread.
After some more research I found that issuing the next command:

 sudo mkfs.vfat -I  /dev/sdX 

Formats the USB wiping out all contents in the process and getting rid of the read-only issue (-I is to tell mkfs to use the whole device for the partition)

Just make sure to use the correct device, check  the output of

 lsblk -l 

first to issue the command on the correct disk.

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Re: Cannot wipe USB stick - filesystem is read only


I know the thread is old but I have the same problem and nothing appear to work. I tried the 'dd' command, and some other things and keep showing the message that is read only.

Any new ideas?

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