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Re: AMD RX 6700-XT GPU randomly turns screens black, requiring a reboot.

I tried a bunch more things, but so far no luck. I filed a bug here with more detailed information if anyone else is having my specific symptoms:


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Re: AMD RX 6700-XT GPU randomly turns screens black, requiring a reboot.

Hello, I have the TUF-RX6700XT-O12G-GAMING model and AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU, I use 3 4K monitors, the problem was with 2 monitors connected to Display Port and one to HDMI, the monitors never went to sleep entering an infinite loop , causing black screen and crash of kde showing the welcome window which forces to reboot the PC as it never recovers from that.

I tried with several linux distros and even with AMD's proprietary driver, having the same result.

In my case I solved it by connecting all the monitors to Display Port, now Arch Linux works without problems.

Apparently this happens when you use Display Port and HDMI, perhaps something that they do not discover until now.

Excuse my English, I hope you find this information useful.


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Re: AMD RX 6700-XT GPU randomly turns screens black, requiring a reboot.

@mikesbytes: it sounds like a slightly different issue, but did you try reverting the commit with the patch I posted in If that doesn't work, I'd recommend trying linux 5.14 and see if the issue is present there since a ton of AMD related changes happened after that kernel. If you don't get the issue there, try 5.15 and 5.16 until you do get the issue. Once you have a working kernel version and a non-working one (ideally not too far apart), try the git-bisect method I ended up following in the freedesktop link to find the offending commit. I'd be happy to explain the process I came up with if you decide to go that route and need a hand.

EDIT: It should take you a lot less time since you don't need to wait up to 8 hours for the issue to trigger smile

EDIT 2: I just realized your most recently post states that a new card resolved the issue for you-- I guess that's it! I'm glad you have a working system- funny that the Windows driver managed to bypass whatever the defect was.

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