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#26 2022-07-03 12:46:04

Inspector Parrot
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Re: Unable to mv binary to /usr/bin

Trilby wrote:

Note that this software should not be submitted to the AUR.  It must have a license.

This means from upstream.  Again, you can't just assign a license of your preference to someone else's software.  Mediainfo-rar is not licensed under a BSD license.  If it was, your PKGBUILD would be required to install the license(s) (under /usr/share/licenses/mediainfo-rar/) along with the software.

Above it was noted that mediainfo (not mediainfo-rar) was licensed under a BSD license.  And this indicates the author of mediainfo-rar is violating others' copyright in using their code while ignoring their license restrictions.

There are two separate (but related) problems with the upstream source of mediainfo-rar: 1) the custom license offers no rights to copy, use, or distribute, and 2) the software itself violates others' copyright.

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