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Re: linux-zen 5.19.12.zen1-1 makes my laptop unusable [5.19.13 fixes it!]

V1del wrote:

The brokenness in 5.19.12 had an actual chance of damaging the panel, if this now happens regardless you might have been unlucky.

FWIW from a logistics perspective it is impossible you have the same issue - caused by software - with 5.19.13 since the entire point of that kernel was to revert that change.

What's your definition of "some flickering"? You probably rather want to open a new thread detailing your exact issue.

It's something I see sometimes under Wayland and have never seen in X. TBH, I have no clue about what to actually report, though.

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Re: linux-zen 5.19.12.zen1-1 makes my laptop unusable [5.19.13 fixes it!]

Clarification: flickering appeared with 5.19.12. I used it for a couple of days (before the warning was issued), and upgraded to 5.19.13 immediately. I still have some brief flickering, once per hour maybe (=way less than with 5.19.12, but still weird.)


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