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Re: [SOLVED]PKGBUILD post_remove() help

Trilby wrote:

Additionally, as I really dont care to mess with fuse or app images, you can still likely skip the installer and just extract the appimage.  Under the extracted directory, you'd be interested in the content of opt/e2studio_installer/install/repos/e2studio/ which is the actual goal: the ide software.  I suspect that whole directory could be copied to ${pkgdir}/opt and then a tiny launcher script put in ${pkgdir}/usr/bin to run the ide from /opt.

Thanks for your help, this puts me on the right track. I will need to learn a bit more about packaging and figure out which files need to be copied over.


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Re: [SOLVED]PKGBUILD post_remove() help

I believe squashfs-root/opt/e2studio_installer/install/repos/e2studio/binary/com.renesas.ide.(long name here) is the primary executable or java jar (edit: perhaps not as java can't run it) - but I suspect it will need all / most of the other content in the repos/e2studio directory.

I did just get the installer to run - I had one misleading error similar to one about swt-pi4 library that you noted earlier, but on checking with ldd on some of the java .so files, I saw they linked to libgtk3 which was not installed.  Once gtk3 was installed, the installer loaded and ran fine.  But I'm not onto any great insight yet on how to manually extract the files and side-step the installer.

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Re: [SOLVED]PKGBUILD post_remove() help

I just noticed that I had misread the post_remove() function when I responded. I thought it simply removes that file in some homedir, not that it would execute it.

Sorry for the confusion!



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