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#51 2007-04-12 16:41:31

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Re: VirtualBox and Arch... Howto?

Pierre wrote:

@hacosta: Are you using networkmanager? I got the same problem with virtualbox/qemu. I think this is a bug in the networkmanager-package; there is something wrong with setting the route.

I figured out a sorta-workaround for this.  Everything gets set up correctly by virtualbox, except the DNS servers.  So if you go to Start->Settings->Network Connections, right click on "Local Area Connections"->Properties.  Click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)"->Properties, then copy your DNS servers out of /etc/resolv.conf into that box, and it will work.


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Re: VirtualBox and Arch... Howto?

OK, OK, I give up ....

Trying to install Arch Linux as a guest in Virtual box.

Booted the Voodoo CD, then did modprobe piix

The VirtualBox HD is then recognized, install goes fine, but I can not boot.

Keep getting a kernel panic.

I read through various how to's on the subject and have added piix to The Modules section of /etc/mkinitrd.conf

I added various things to the Grub kernel line, including loadearly=piix and a pause, still no joy.

So, please, how do you get Arch to boot ?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: VirtualBox and Arch... Howto?

Hy bodhi.zazen,
did you already fix this problem?
Because I have the same trouble to get Arch running as a VirtualBox Guest!
I tried also various settings but at every boot arch runs on the same errror:
"ERROR: Failed to parse block devive name for '/dev/hda2'"

Or has anyone else a hint?

GreetZ, WeeZel


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Re: VirtualBox and Arch... Howto?

For those of you getting kernel panics/crashes when installing Arch as a guest in VirtualBox, you'll need to boot with the IDE Legacy option.


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Re: VirtualBox and Arch... Howto?

For who-knows-what reason the suggested 'nmi_watchdog=0' doesn't work on my box - a simple bash script with the following content does though:

sudo modprobe vboxdrv


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Re: VirtualBox and Arch... Howto?

mykey - please don't post in old threads. Details here.

There's a VirtualBox wiki page, which is kept up to date by the community. Please refer to that.



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