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Re: Polydock Requires X11 - Using X11 - Computer is confused

Thanks again for getting back to me. I have read the github links you provided and the solution to the issue was not super obvious to me

What did you mean by "This looks shady"..? is that in a I am hacked context or just the program being silly?

I read through the error message and cannot make too much sense at what I am looking at...

I may require a simpler explanation of what the error is and how to fix it.

As far as I can tell.. one of the files needs to be edited to include gtk_init and that the XServer is not using providing the correct paths to Polydock or Polydock is not attempting to open up a socket?


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Re: Polydock Requires X11 - Using X11 - Computer is confused

It's "shady" because the client tries to getpeername on stderr instead of a a socket (typically FD 3 becomes the X11 socket) - I don't think there's anything hacked, it's just a completely unexpected and nonsensical call (leading to an error)

I *suspect* that polydock fails to run gtk_init or establish an X11 connection by other means before attempting to use wnck and based on teh upstream bug (and every bit of info you've provided) I don't think think this is something about your config but simply a bug in polydock. It might have silently relied on gtk_init (that's a C function, I've no idea what the JS bindings/invocation look like) being called by something else™ but now wnck fires before something else™ and runs against a wall.

#metoo on and get the developer to fix that.
I suspect the cause is around - but that's purely circumstancial speculation.


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