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Re: Getting back in Vista

Probably because you need to add logical partitions, you can only have 4 primary partitions.

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Re: Getting back in Vista

Maybe something to do with primary and logical partitions? If I remember, you are allowed only four primary partitions, or 3 primary and a large (let's say infinite as an approximation) amount of logical partitions. I really don't know what the difference between them is though - linux and windows don't care wether it's primary or logical (I think?)

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Re: Getting back in Vista

I've got:

title Windows
rootnoverify (hd1,0)
chainloader +1

Which does the job for my Vista (my XP doesn't work with Grub, but thats another story).

Grub might of overwritten the Vista boot loader.
Boot with Vista DVD and open the recovery cmd prompt and:

> bootrec /fixmbr
> bootrec /fixboot


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Re: Getting back in Vista

It's likely you made all partitions primary partitions.

Drives can have max 4 primary partitions, although one of them can be of 'extended' type.
In an extended partition you can create logical partitiions, thus getting more than 4 partitions on a drive.

You have  2 options : 
- make one of the partitions (sda4 seems a good candidate) an extended partition that uses all remaining space and create logical partitions for home and swap and others.
This will work with all OS .

- make sda4 a primary partition using all remaining space and configure it with lvm2 (check the archwiki for details) .
This will only work for linux.

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