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#26 2004-07-22 08:26:16

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Re: [multimedia: sound&audio] hydrogen

punkrockguy318 wrote:

neri:  hydrogen just needs a rebuild, then it'll be fine.

Hm, that's exactly the problem, I checked it on the system for the official
build, which was uptodate and had at the tim of builde. Then I
used ldd to check the apps and libs manually. As far as I saw always 03 was
involved in every case. so I don't see that a rebuilt would help on this issue.
My guess is that jsutnoni has one of the dependencies on the IgnorePkg
list, maybe?



#27 2004-07-22 20:07:27

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Re: [multimedia: sound&audio] hydrogen

neri, sorry for the confusion, i do belive it was kpiche's hydrogyen pkg that i used to install it. It was the only pkg i knew of at the time. I will give your pkg a install here though to make sure its not something on my system that is causing the problem.



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