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#26 2009-04-05 07:47:45

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Re: Arch Linux Newsletter for April, 2009 Discussion

kensai wrote:
Allan wrote:
kensai wrote:

Well, they announce the application in a public list, so anyone can see that. I don't know why we have to announce that they applied for a TU position after the vote is done.

Can someone give me a true reasoning?

I think this is because one application failed...

Well, but anyways, it was still announced on a public mailing list. A lot of people knew about all the applications, ghost1227 was just wishing the best to all those publicly know applicants. I feel sorry about that, but if that were the case, then I recommend TU applications would be posted on a non-public list.

The issue here is not whether it's public or not. It's the audience. The AUR ML although public is basically only read by a restricted audience composed of TU, devs and users interested in the AUR. The newsletter, on the contrary,  is read by a much bigger audience.  I even remember comments on the forums about people not using Arch but who still read the newsletter.  If you announce the TU candidacies, users will expect to to have the vote results in the next newsletter. So it could be more embarassing for the candidates that doesn't get selected. If you only make mention of the new TU addition once they are voted in, then it's likely that the rejected candidacies will fly under the radar and won't get additionnal attention.

This situation is similar to what happened when phoronix took the catalyst discussion in the public dev ML and wrote an article without waiting for the official announcement. They managed to put in the wrong reasons for the removal and to even misquote you. tongue  It's possible that people from other distros when reading the phoronix article got a bad impression about Arch.


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Re: Arch Linux Newsletter for April, 2009 Discussion

Yeah, we are mean to AMD/ATI. At least Andreas took the blame with me. tongue

I do understand your point snowman, your concern makes perfect sense, so I will let the author of that part of the newsletter know. He just did it in the best of interest.

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Re: Arch Linux Newsletter for April, 2009 Discussion

What an excellent newsletter smile


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Re: Arch Linux Newsletter for April, 2009 Discussion

Daenyth wrote:

What an excellent newsletter smile

Yeap. Its the best one i remember reading.
Maybe besides the one that had my interview tongue

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