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Re: USB file copy very slow

this method seem to solve the problem. … ge_devices


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Re: USB file copy very slow

The problem is still persistent. Most flash drives I hook up on my machine are awfully slow and freeze my system most of the time, if I'm trying to move files onto it.

It doesn't matter if I'm using thunar or cp, at some point my system doesn't respond or responds very lately and I have to physically remove the flash drive to bring my system back to it's normal state. I'm currently trying to avoid using USB drives because of that. Is there any way to troubleshoot this problem and help solving it?

In the most desperate situations I even have to boot up my Windows machine just to write some files on a stick...


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Re: USB file copy very slow

I am not sure why this thread is still alive. A lot has changed in the Linux world and the hardware world since this was opened. If someone still faces this problem, then please search for recent results on the forums or elsewhere.



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