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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Repeating old apps over and over again just to show what you're using does'nt seem to be productive for this (or the old) thread. The only reason to post in this thread is if you have a new application that could rival the others, or perhaps if you have some new or meaningful thing to say about already suggested applications.

Now back to topic. smile

Editor: Geany, because I do alot of editing in html and theme files, I find the syntax and color picker very useful.
Movie: Gnome-mplayer: Strange that not many seem to use this frontend, since its very minimalistic and still does the job very well.
Notes: hnb

Also screen should be mentioned because it seems to have had an upswing the last year. Specially amongst those few hardcore people who only play in the land of the framebuffer wink

edit: Forgot one thing. Terminal : for an X enviroment, what could be more light than xterm?

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

xd-0 wrote:

what could be more light than xterm?

It is a little hard to judge the weight of an application these days.  One metric is the install size, counting all dependencies.  All the way back to glibc.

xterm weighs in at 87 MB.  Most terms are in the 200-300 MB range, usually due to a perl dep.

kdebase-konsole: 611 MB
guake: 513 MB
gnome-terminal: 291 MB
terminal: 291 MB
roxterm: 271 MB
lxterminal: 267 MB
tilda: 267 MB
mlterm: 266 MB
sakura: 266 MB
eterm: 96 MB
rxvt-unicode: 91 MB
xterm: 87 MB
mrxvt: 81 MB
aterm: 72 MB
rxvt-unicode-256color: 71 MB

So, to answer your question:  several.

If I missed one, you can measure it with
    pacgraph -c -m arch-repo [package name]
Sorry, this does not yet work with AUR packages.


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Kernel: Customized Vanilla
The kernel I've had best results with. Although, it's probably placebo.

WM: Openbox
It's still a simple to use, easy to configure and very fast WM. My favourite floating WM.


Editor: Vim (CLI), Geany (GUI)
Vim is still an awesome editor, and Geany is a really lean IDE/text editor. They're very light and feature rich at the same time.

File Manager: PCManFM
It's the best file manager when used in a non-DE setting.

Terminal: urxvt
Fairly simple to configure, fast, and no bullshit.

Browser: Chromium
It's a really interesting browser, and when it matures, it will be my prime browser of choice. It's fast!

Email: N/A

Music: MPD + ncmpcpp/Sonata
MPD is a blessing from the computer gods, and is one of the reason I can't switch back to Windows.

Image Viewer: Mirage
Mirage is very simple and does just what you need. It even features basic image editing (cropping/resizing), which is really handy (and needed!).

Image Editing: Gimp
It's the only real alternative.

Pdf Reader: ePDFview
It's lean and simply a great PDF reader!

CD burning: Brasero
Not the lightest around, but I haven't used other software as much.

Torrents: rTorrent
Because screen and wTorrent is super awesome!

Video Player: MPlayer (no GUI, VDPAU)
The best media player there is. With VDPAU, it's even better.

System Monitor: htop
The best.

Archive Manager: N/A

Office: OpenOffice
The only alternative for serious office work.

Chat: Emesene
Not the most light around, but its pleasing aesthetics and simplicity makes this the winner.

CD Ripper: abcde
A great script smile

Best new LnF App of 2009: Chromium Browser


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

keenerd wrote:

So, to answer your question:  several.

If I missed one, you can measure it with
    pacgraph -c -m arch-repo [package name]
Sorry, this does not yet work with AUR packages.

My fault, it was some time ago I did install xorg-server that I somewhere on the road got the delusion that xterm came with that package tongue, hence my somewhat faulty statement.


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

WM: Openbox
I just love it

Filemanager: emelFM2
by far my favourite, does a lot of extra stuff as well!

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009


Editor: VIM

Terminal emulator: rxvt-unicode

Shell: Zsh

Browser: Vimperator/Uzbl
Just a few scripts away from a total switch to Uzbl.

Email: Mutt

Music: MOC

Image viewer: Gliv

Image Editing: GIMP

Video Editing/Compositing/Modelling/Animation: Blender

PDF viewer: ePDFView/MuPDF
MuPDF has raw speed but is missing search, text selection and a chapter list for which I use ePDFView.

CD burning: Recorder

Torrents: rTorrent

Video Player: MPlayer

System Monitor: htop

Archive Manager: atool

Chat: Irssi + BitlBee

Best new LnF App of 2009: Uzbl


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Its sad that I run the same apps on my Quad Core Dev machine, Eee 701 and 901...

WM: awesome
Description in itself

Editor: Vim

Terminal Emulator: baulkTerm
Yeah, you've never heard of this one, because its my own project. It derived from QTermWidget which Konsole ported to pure Qt4. So its only dependency is Qt4. Currently you can think of it like a lightweight Konsole, with no menus, readable config files, defaults I like, and daemon support. Its available in AUR for those that want to try (its quite stable, I've been using the current version for half a year). I won't tout any of the new features, because its on hold until my work term in Japan is done next year. The website is there for those that are interested, though baulkTerm is just one small part of the project.

Shell: zsh

Browser: Opera
Been using it since Firefox pissed the hell out me in 2006. Chrome is nice, but I need better tab support (tab lists, moving multiple tabs between windows, closing multiple tabs at the same time). Though I do wish Opera had some sort of Vimperator plugin (I can palette Firefox with it installed).

Email: GMail

Music: mpc + ncmpcpp + ampache
Never again will I dread killing X.
While ampache doesn't seem very light, it is if its hosted on another computer tongue

PDF viewer: xpdf
I really need to write a good/fast PDF reader with Qt4.

An EeePC 701 makes a perfect torrent server with screen + rtorrent

Video Player: MPlayer
For me the killer feature of MPlayer (beside lack of a GUI) is the ability to configure the cache.

System Monitor: htop

Archive Manager: Can someone say "command-line utilities"

Chat: Pidgin and weechat
In actuality I think Pidgin is way too slow (and was crashing a lot earlier this year) but needing something with GoogleTalk + MSN restricts me.
I'm not a hardcore IRC guy so weechat is good enough for me (and it runs in a terminal).

Office: LaTex
I really hate using WYSIWYG apps for document creation.

File Manager: coreutils

Best new LnF App of 2009: Uzbl
I was very intrigued by the idea of Uzbl. Unfortunately I'll have to get off my ass and write the functionality I want into before I'll be able to start using it.


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Well, these days I'm actually using a number of heavyweights like KDE but it runs just fine on a netbook so whatever.  Here's some of my favorite lightweight apps though:

Email: alpine

An excellent console based mail-reader, based off of "pine", handles attachments, pop3, imap. calling an external web-browser or text editor and the original spawn of pico (nano is a pico clone).

Web-browsers: links II and arora

I mean, sometimes you just need to read text in a single column layout and links is great for that, Arora is a nice, almost full-featured browser which renders webpages more reliably and often faster than konqueror (I believe this is due to the browsers respective javascript engines), I can run firefox or opera on netbook, but these things are really memory hogs compared to arora and konqueror (and of course, links).

Wireless management: wpa_auto + wpa_supplicant + wpa_gui or wpa_cli

I've got to install wpa_supplicant anyway, why add 3rd party management tools?

By the way, I love LaTeX, but the tex-live packages (well, I've got most of them, so I guess this varies depending on what you need) take over 1/2 a Gigabyte on my harddrive so I don't think they qualify as "light".


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Stefan Husmann
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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Kernel: Stock arch kernel

WM: sawfish
I cannot use tiling wms in a productive way. I do not bother where on my screen a window stays, but I do bother how big it is, and using tiling WMs
I always have to adjust windows' sizes.

DE: no

Editor: emacs, ex-vi (yes, I use both!)

File Manager: emacs dired, bash-commandline

Terminal: lilyterm: easily customizable, light

Browser: conkeror

Music: emacs with emms, mpg123, ogg123

Image Viewer: gqview, fast and with basic filemanager capabilities

Image Editing: fotoxx

Pdf Reader: xpdf, apvlv, want to switch completely to apvlv

CD burning: cdrtools (the original ones)

[Video Player: mplayer

System Monitor: htop, top, xrestop
does not bother much, all are good. xrestop has another purpose than the others

Office: no, LaTeX for text documents

Chat: emacs-jabber=jabber.el, ERC for irc

CD Ripper: abcde


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Kernel: configured and compiled for my notebook.

WM: Openbox. I really want to try Awesome or xmonad, but school don't give me time, and I have OB configured for my needs since months ago.

Editor: Vim for configs and code (somethimes Beaver because when I paste iit gets too many -TABS-, and it's annoing. Anyone knows how to disable that?), Pyroom or Medit for novel-writing.

File Manager: Pcman or the shell, depending on what I need.

Terminal: urxvtd/urxvtc. I admit, copy/paste is a pain.

Browser: Vimperator. There is no more.

Email: Claws-mail for Gmail IMAP.

Music: MPD with Sonata, and MPC for my multimedia keys.

Image Viewer: Geeqie. Fork of Gqview, since the last is not developed anymore. Configurable, good keybinds, and looks good.

Image Editing: GIMP, mpaint. I rarely use this.

PDF reader: Evince. I'd like something lighter, but just Evince remembers my last seen page in each file. I read a lot of novels. xD

CD burning: K3B. Almost never used.

Torrents: Deluge. I prefer Transmission, but sometimes it just don't download, while Deluge does.

Video Player: VLC.

Archive manager: Xarchiver. Light, fast and enough. smile

Office: Sometimes, JUST sometiemes, Abiword.

Chat: Kopete. Not light, I know. (And zenity via SSH to annoy my girlfriend with lovely attention-demanding dialog boxes).

CD Ripper: Asunder. ANother rearely used.

Screenshot: Gscreenshot.

Masive file renamig: GPrename. Simple, complete and powerful.

See ya~

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Isengrin: You can use :set paste to get proper pasting behavior in vim.


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

SamC wrote:

Isengrin: You can use :set paste to get proper pasting behavior in vim.

Alternatively, if you use X11-enabled vim (default vim package in Arch), you can paste teh content of the X11 selection buffer using "*p or of the X11 copy buffer using "+p

:he x11-selection


:he paste

for more information.


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Why does no one mention SoftMaker Office? I know it's paid and closed source, but it is faster and superior enough than OpenOffice to me to justify the payment (though it's much cheaper than M$ crap). It's also more compatible with Office files than OpenOffice... it doesn't support Office 2007 format yet, but the way those files are shown in OOo is equal to not supporting it to me.

Just my 2 cents.

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Kernel: stock kernel

WM: pekWm and FluxBox; I prefer pekwm over fluxbox, but I like both and use both at different times. It is as lightweight as I have tried yet in WM, much lighter than gnome, kde, and xfce. I have used openbox but I like pekwm and fluxbox's window grouping and pixmap support (still like some nice looking decoration) I have also used icewm and e17... but again no window grouping. I am not a true minimalist... i just like window grouping and the speed of pekwm and fluxbox tongue

Editor: Leafpad and Nano. I also like to an extent tea-gtk, but it seems heavier than leafpad.

File Manager: pcmanFM. It's the best one that I have found that is light weight. I am not that good at command line file management yet.

Terminal: Terminal. I like it's configurability.

Browser: Iron. Have any of you tried this? It's in AUR. It's lighter than Firefox, is based on chrome but faster and without google keeping track of my computing and such.

Email: gmail

Music: MPD with Sonata

Video Player: VLC.

Office: I've always used open office... but I want to try latex out. So.. I think I will.

Chat: Pidgin... but is that really considered light?

Best new LnF App of 2009: Iron. What can I say, I love it. I've been hearing alot of talk about Uzbl though.. maybe I should take a good look at it.

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

1. Openbox (nothing better!)

2. Emacs

While emacs is a "heavy weight" compared to vim, I consider it lightweight given that it uses appr. 50 MB to do all of the following:

- text editing (of every kind and variety: code, LaTeX, etc)
- PIM and outliner (org-mode)
- publishing (org-mode and muse)
- contacts (BBDB)
- email (wanderlust)
- news/mailinglists/rss (gnus and newsticker)
- irc (erc)
- jabber (jabber.el)
- web browsing (emacs-w3m as frontend to w3m)
- emms (for managing music collection and streams)
- and basically anything else...


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

well, with 3 months of Arch and 3 years of linux under this previously corporate windows person, here is my take.  I should mention i am obsessed with low memory usage and efficiency even though I have a fast laptop (lenovo x 60s)

DE:  xmonad/ xmobar/ dmenu.  Fast, reliable, low memory usage and limited mouse.
DE backup: lxde: 
email contacts:  gmail (why are we still talking about email clients?)
news: google reader
web: firefox
docs/ spreadsheets: Go-Office
note-taking; zim - (most underated app ever)
terminal:  lxterminal
file manager:  thunar
text editor; nano/ gvim/ gedit
music; gmm
backup: jungledisk --> S3
Office 2007: Virtualbox, XP, Office 2007 (only when I have to)
tunnelling: rdesktop
apps:  github

thats it.  works fine with a small memory footprint, super fast and reliable.

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

de: wmii-hg + plan9port
email/contacts: mutt/abook/muttprint
news: rss2email
browsing: uzbl / firefox (sometimes because of lastPass addon)
terminal:  plain xterm
file manager:  xterm together with some aliases in .bashrc
text editor: vim
backup: rsync over ssh
working: subversion, r, eclipse (unfortunately, but there isn't anything better as statET for remote access and pretty good sweave implementation too)
music: mpd + ncmpc
pics: feh
pdf: zathura (wonderfull app!)
chat: bitlbee + irssi
downloading: lsd-svn
cdburning: bashburn

suggestion for lnf-award 2009: zathura

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Kernel: Stock arch kernel
Not gonna bother with anything else, it works nicely smile

WM: Openbox
Self explanatory, very fast and light, customizable, and lots of features.

LXDE is basically Openbox with Pcmanfm, LXpanel, and some other great light apps that together make a great, speedy environment.

Editor: Leafpad / Nano
Leafpad in X, nano from the commandline. My editing needs are limited and these are fast and easy to use.

File Manager: PCmanFM
My favorite file manager, possibly better than Dolphin and Nautilus, but a lot lighter.

Terminal: Terminal
Not many dependencies, very fast, as many features as gnome-terminal and konsole.

Browser: Chromium / Midori
Both are great. I use Chromium on here, and for me, it's just as fast as Midori, maybe faster, but on older computers, Midori is quite a bit faster. They both are great, light, and fast.

Email: Gmail
Don't wanna bother with seperate E-mail clients when going to works just as good, and I always have a browser window open anyways tongue

Music: Goggle's Music Manager
One of my top 3 music programs (the other two being Amarok and Exaile, in no particular order). It's really light, but it uses I think the FOX toolkit, which is very light, but can be a little on the ugly side. Great program though.

Image Viewer: Gpicview
The default image viewer in LXDE, it resembles the XP image viewer (that's a good thing), and it works very well and is light.

Image Editing: GIMP or Kolourpaint
Neither are particularly light, but they're the best options. GIMP for the more advanced stuff, Kolourpaint for simpler stuff (don't bother with Kolourpaint if you don't want KDE libs installed)

Pdf Reader: Okular
Yeah, I use KDE, that's all I'm very familiar with, don't use PDFs much tongue

CD burning: K3B
I've tried everything else, and still nothing comes close to the power of K3B, don't care if it's not that light

Torrents: Deluge (Ktorrent in KDE)
Again, there are certainly some lighter options, but these two programs, IMO, are the best. They resemble Utorrent, and have plenty of features and stuff.

Video Player: VLC
Well, it's the only one that works well for me, so I'll take it smile

System Monitor: htop
Best. Period.

Archive Manager: Xarchiver.
Fast and works. I prefer using right click menus of my file manager though, or the terminal.

Office: Openoffice
It's big, it's slow, but it works, and it works well. Nothing comes close.

Chat: Pidgin
Connects to all the protocols I use, all in one app, what more can I say?

CD Ripper:
Don't know really. K3B or Sound Juicer I guess (sound juicer might have a lot of gnome dependencies, don't remember really)

Best new LnF App of 2009: Chromium Browser
It's already my default browser, and it's still under development. Very good.


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

WM: Openbox
Its a fast WM and can be customized quite a bit.

DE: Xfce
Its a good balance between the heavy Gnome and light weight WMs.

Editor: Leafpad / Nano
Leafpad for GUI and nano for cli. Both are easy to use text editors.

File Manager: Thunar
Its light weight but still powerful. Custom actions rule!

Terminal: xterm
It works.

Browser: Arora / Midori
One is QT4 based, the other GTK. Both use the webkit engine and are getting better with each release.

Email: Gmail
I never quite "got" email clients. And for web mail, I find Gmail one of the best (particularly its spam filter).

Music: Quod Libet / moc
For GUI I prefer Quod Libet due to its clean and simple interface. For cli, I like MoC. It simply plays music and its easier to setup than mpd.

Image Viewer: Viewnior
A rather new image viewer in active development and it works well.

Image Editing: GIMP
Theres no better alternative.

Pdf Reader: Evince-gtk
To me, it renders PDFs better than ePDFView.

CD burning: K3B
No other Linux burning program can even compare feature-wise.

Torrents: Transmission / rtorrent
Transmission for GUI and rtorrent for cli. Both are light.

Video Player: GNOME MPlayer
GTK-based frontend for MPlayer. Not as many options as SMPlayer but it does the job.

System Monitor: htop
Its simple.

Archive Manager: File Roller
Not the lightest but I need 7zip and rar support in my right-click menu.

Office: Abiword / Gnumeric
Its good for basic needs and the speed over OOo makes it worth it.

Chat: Pidgin
Its supports multiple protocols and works.

CD Ripper:
Don't know; haven't used one lately.


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Here are a few lesser known gems.

WM: Scrotwm.  The velocity of development has really taken off lately.  Somehow it is smaller than evilwm or dwm, despite being configured by a no nonsense text file.

Word processor:  Wordgrinder.  I can't give this a solid recommendation yet, still learning it.

Spreadsheet: Teapot.  Compared to the alternatives (sc and oleo), it is both easier to use and a smaller binary.

Graphs:  Ploticus.  Console based spreadsheets need something to draw charts.  Ploticus is the lightest decent looking one around, but it can be a pain to use sometimes.

Calculator: Mathomatic.  The built in CAS is quite good for quick algebra and simple calculus.

Console eye candy:  Clockywock.  It's a nifty looking clock.

X11 eye candy:  Synaesthesia.  Fast (works on a P3), light (230K) and standalone music visualizer.

Misc:  get_flash_videos.  No need for X, a graphical browser or flashplugin.  The only way to watch HD youtube on a low end computer.


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

SamC wrote:

Isengrin: You can use :set paste to get proper pasting behavior in vim.

Wow.  Thank you. 

I probably use vi more than any other app on my pc.  I don't paste often enough to have looked into fixing this, but it's been bugging me a while.  It is much much simpler than the round about way I was doing things when I needed to paste a chunk into a config file or what not - (opening nano, pasting, saving, re-opening in vim to edit!).

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

wm: dwm
very sleek and fast. no frills design philosophy. some call it unusable but once you master the keybindings (or make your own) it owns. unlimited customization if you know C.

terminal: urxvtd+urxvtc
daemon mode is cool

editor: vim

file management: core utilities/fstab
i tried thunar, pcmanfm, etc... but found that i never used them unless i was trying to mount/unmount something
for now fstab for usb drives i own and use, dmesg+temporary mount for others.

music: mpd+ncmpc
it only ncmpc had clock screen...
i prefer it over ncmpcpp because its simpler

video player: mplayer

pics: feh (scrot for screenshots)

pdfviewer: epdfview
can't figure out how to print with apvlv

chat: irssi+bitlbee+screen
i don't use IRC much, but bitlbee lets me use my AIM account, so that's cool. very lightweight and hard to kill.

torrent: rtorrent
works well in screen

web: firefox+vimperator
can't surf without vimp now haha

email: gmail

word/spreadsheet: openoffice
all in one app--does everything i need it to do, despite its bloatedness

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Kernel: Stock arch kernel

WM: dwm (Desktop)/Openbox (Laptop)
Love tiling on a nice big screen, very configurable.  Openbox is just a pleasure, even on my tiny netbook.

Editor: emacs
its my religion, nuff said

File Manager: Thunar
don't use that much, but when I need it, it works

Terminal: urxvt
easy to configure, light, does what I need.

Browser: Chromium
really really quick, but if ubzl keeps it up, it will be the be-all of linux browsers

Email: mutt
only a few quirks with gmail that piss me off, but quickly switching the sorting, and searching with a keystroke or two is really cool.

Music: mocp/pianobar
pianobar is awesome for Pandora listening.

Image Viewer: Feh
does what i need, which is usually viewing images.

Pdf Reader: epdfview
i would like a bookmarking feature, but i guess i can add that myself when i get a chance.

Torrents: Transmission
downloads my torrents, plus there are great clients out there, including an awesome android app (Transdroid).

Video Player: mplayer
i don't have many requirements, just display the video in the center of the screen.

System Monitor: htop
easy as pie, and kinda cool looking in a weird way

Archive Manager: unrar, tar, etc
they work fine

Office: emacs
cause Open Office is a retarded answer here

Chat: irssi
although I flip flop between weechat and irssi, both are great once you get the configs down.

Best new LnF App of 2009: Chromium Browser
raised the bar in the ever bloated web browser category.

i really would live in the cli all day, and there the abundance of lightweight apps is enormous.  makes it alot easier.


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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Kernel Stock
WM dwm (desktop), Openbox (laptop)
Editor Vim
File manager Vifm
Terminal Urxvt
Browser Conkeror
Music Moc
Utilities Conky,htop, TTYtter

Best LnF App 2009 Vifm

Arch + dwm   •   Mercurial repos  •   Github

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Re: LnF Awards 2009 - The best Light & Fast apps of 2009

Kernel: Stock, but I might try -ice since I would like to suspend to file.
WM: PekWM and tint2. Nice, fast and good looking.
Editor: Emacs (daemon and clients)
Terminal: Urxvt (daemon and clients) or Eshell (Emacs-shell)
Filemanager: Mostly core utils. Otherwise Worker with XFT support.
Music Manager: Goggles Music Manager or J River Media Center through Wine
Music Streamer/Podcast Listener: DRadio
Pictures: For quick viewing: Feh; For organizing: J River Media Center through Wine
Video Player: Mplayer
Browser: Firefox and Iron. I love Firefox but it is slow compared to Iron... I will have to look at Surf though.
Mail+calendar: Thunderbird 3+Lightning. A nice improvement, although I wish it was faster.
Pdf viewer: Evince with Synctex-support
Presentations: Impress!ve showing a nice Beamer presentations. For less demanding presentations I use Org-mode to generate Beamer-code.
Version Control: Git. I use SVN for projects with people beside myself; mostly because I do not want to introduce a new version control system. I use git.el as a gui.   
Backup: Tarsnap.
Pretty Documents: LaTeX and Org-mode
"Spreadsheet": R + pgfSweave + tikzDevice

Best LnF App: Emacs 23 with daemon support

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