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#1 2005-02-17 19:57:45

Schwag Merchant
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Has anybody used OmegaWM? It looks like extremely beta software that does nothing any other WM does, but I could be wrong. I can't exactly figure out what its supposed to do that hasn't been done.

The only reason I'm remotely interested in it is because somebody said its the evolution of Kahakai, which I was once interested in but never tried because the front page says the project is dead. On that page, it says Aegis is supposed to be the evolution of Kahakai... I may as well ask if anybody's tried that either. wink



#2 2005-02-17 20:55:02

Arch Overlord
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Re: OmegaWM

Yeah, I thought Kahaki looked cool too... aegis looks like crap right now... but all-in-all omega, kahaki, and aegis don't seem to do anything spectacular...

interesting thing to note:
the graveyard site is where skippy and skippy-xd come from... and it appears he's making omega too, so it could be promising...


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