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#1 2005-02-21 23:53:51

From: Chicago IL usa
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goin shopping

my motherboard (ecs k7s5a) decided to take a dump

so im shoppin around am really impressed with
ASUS p5ad2-e premium

alot of nice features in the bios
to me this thing is screaming overclock me

the only issue i seen so far is sound in linux
which im not real concerned with
i got a good pci card till it gets resolved
just curious as to any thoughts , expierences , or recommendations


#2 2005-02-22 00:49:38

From: Frequent Flyer Underworld
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Re: goin shopping

The fact that you mention ASUS is all I need to hear.  From my experience, as a past business owner selling/configuring systems, as a degreed comp. engineer, and from just personal interest alone, you won't find a better mobo maker than ASUS.

I say go ahead and try to torch that thing as best you can by OC'ing.  You'll barely get a spark from that ASUS mobo.

Any ASUS/Intel chipset machine I've used on Linux is rock solid and never had any issues with it.  I've had at least 5 different ones since using Linux for quite some time.  If you choose an <insert manuf. here> "nForce" or "AMD" rig, well, results will vary.  Some people get more bang for the buck on AMD and nForce chipsets, but can sometimes pay a penalty for stability.  Those cases are few and far between on Linux though...

As for your sound card, I'm still using the original SB Live! PCI card I've owned for over 6 years, never experiencing any problems from the ASUS boards or Linux that I've put it in.  I even took it out once and used the 6.1 integrated mobo device, but liked the options from my SB better.


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