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libvisual - libprojectm - undefined symbol: __glewDeleteFramebuffersEX

Just thought I'd post this here in case anyone else comes across this.  I have installed the latest libvisual and libprojectm from the repos and built xmms2 with visualisation support.  When trying to run the xmms2-libvisual, the following error was reported:

libvisual CRITICAL: xmms2-libvisual: visual_plugin_get_references(): Cannot load plugin: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: __glewDeleteFramebuffersEXT

Google helped locate this page: which seems to suggest that the projectm makefile isn't quite right.  I do not know if this is indeed true or not, however I have compiled ProjectM, after applying the patch ( … king.patch ) and now it works as expected with xmms2.

I haven't used ProjectM for anything else so don't know if this will break other things.  If not, perhaps it should be applied to the Arch build of ProjectM.

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