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#1 2010-08-18 20:43:14

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[Request] Omniprint

Hi to everyone:

Could anyone package this?: Omniprint

The Omni printer driver provides support for over 450 printers using the Ghostscript framework. In addition, it provides a model for dynamically loading printer drivers, creating new devices by editing device description files, and simplifies new printer driver development by allowing for the subclassing of previous device features.

I have an Okidata Microline 320 Turbo printer and my only hope is this package to work with.

A lot of thanks smile


#2 2010-08-18 21:10:38

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Re: [Request] Omniprint

Whoever wrote the build system for this project should be shot. They've opted to roll their own version comparison tool using awk which fails to understand that 1.11 is greater than 1.6 because awk is performing a lexicographical comparison rather than numerical. But wait! It gets better! They're checking versions of autotools before running them rather than just running autoconf and checking versions from a configure script!

/head asplode

edit: getting past that, it fails to compile with some errors that could only be the result of working with a toolchain from the same "era" as the latest release of this package -- 6 years ago. OpenPrinting says this printer works without issue using Cups. I don't think getting OmniPrint compiled will be of any help to you as I believe you're trying to solve the wrong problem.

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