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#1 2005-03-01 04:12:01

Arch Overlord
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UI program backgrounded...

I was wondering... is there anyway to background, or withdraw a program that wasn't made for it?

the reason I ask is that it would be an easy way to "cache" firefox... create one instance withdrawn as root, and the others will create remote windows, using the same process....

any ideas?


#2 2005-03-01 11:42:31

From: Israel
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Re: UI program backgrounded...

i guess it depends on the target project - u will need to create a "main class" which will be the "output" window, and then threaded clients to fill it. i have no experience in GUI programming on linux, though on windows it will require u to rebuild/make-sure your main class shares a memory space with its threads, exports proper functions, and maybe even change use of APIs to integrate better with this new behavior. in anyway, this usually requires a complete recoding of the project infrastructure...

just my humble thoughts.


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