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#1 2005-03-02 13:33:05

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New Motherboard?

Im possibly gonna get a new motherboard due to the fact that sis sucks especially with nvidia... Which would be the best chipset to get to work with the nvagp... Which has the least problems.. It has to support an athlong 64 northridge 3300+ (For some reason only the hp that i have seems to have it.... Doesnt make sense but hey its what it is said to be on there)...


#2 2005-03-05 21:10:44

From: Belgium
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Re: New Motherboard?

Replacing a mainboard in a HP with a non-HP one doesn't seem to be the smartest thing. Compaqs (now HP) are extremely picky about new hardware so I can imagine HP's won't be very different.

As for you CPU, I've never heard of a "Northridge" AMD. Maybe it's just a batch of CPU's AMD made especially for HP. I suspect any mainboard supporting a 3300+ CPU will be able to run with your CPU. However, since you have an HP, it's quite possible AMD put some security check in their CPU to make sure it only runs on HP mainboards.

If it's possible, I'd try a different mainboard (one that supports your CPU) with your hardware to see if it's even possible to use a non-HP model.

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#3 2005-03-05 22:04:12

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Re: New Motherboard?

Just curious, what's wrong with sis chipsets? Or sys/nvidia combination?


#4 2005-03-06 14:27:08

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Re: New Motherboard?


Northridge AMD chips are slightly better manufactured chip as compared to the AMD chips which are not Northridge.They have been around for awhile so if you really need to know more about them then google. they were not made just for HP.

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#5 2005-03-06 18:15:54

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Re: New Motherboard?

For the AMD64 platform I really recommend the VIA chipset.  It just works with no problems and there's no need to use a reverse engineered ethernet module (forcedeth).  I've had nothing but success with my Athlon 64 3000/ASUS A8V Deluxe based system.

But my question is are you sure you have an Athlon 64 3300?  I know there's the 3200 and 3400, but I've never heard of the 3300.


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