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Kupfer only receives input from keyboard's arrows [SLVD, Changed inp.]

So after going to Openbox for a moment, I decided to try to install kupfer. It install only reads keyboard input from my keyboard's arrows.  The output that stood out the most was this:

[kupfer.ui.session] SessionClient: Warning: Not able to connect to current desktop session, please Quit before logout to save kupfer's data.

So I installed gnome-python-desktop, thinking that would fix the problem, but I still couldn't get kupfer to respond.
Error logs:

Is kupfer acting like this for anyone else?

[edit]: it turns out to be a bug with Ibus and kupfer. Which means I'd have to find an alternative to ibus...
[editEdit]: Found an alternative: uim. If you're experiencing the same problem with ibus and kupfer, you might want to switch to this.

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