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Nvidia "Fermi" 400 Series Stability Problems?


I have a GTX470 and when i start my PC the screen occasionally turns black a short time after login to the desktop, e.g. as soon compositing is started (compiz/gnome in my case). This problem is rare and doesn't happen on every system start but its annoying because my PC hard locks and i have to press reset (i have no other pc to try login via ssh but im pretty sure that would still work). The same issue occurs on windows 7 and the card is not defect, i had an RMA already as well as a second GTX470 card and they all have the same problem while my older GTX285 cards work perfect. I would like to know if other users have issues with Nvidia 400 series cards on Arch/Linux. My system is Arch x64 up to date with all drivers and packages.

Thanks in advance and best regards


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