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#1 2005-03-16 11:22:03

Mr Green
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Kde [Solved] please delete ;-)

After Last upgrade I get (yes I did read Wiki)

[Solved] reinstalled & rebooted ..... lol

Mr Green


#2 2005-03-16 15:26:21

From: Bucharest, Romania
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Re: Kde [Solved] please delete ;-)

Out of curiosity... since you say you've read the wiki... why does it say "upgrading"?
It is clearly stated that you must REMOVE KDE first (with "pacman -Rd kde") and then install it. If you had done this, it wouldn't have said "upgrading" but "installing".

Maybe a BIG BIG quit, escape, bail-out function (probably just a "return 1/0" - not sure) should have been put in the pre-upgrade function of the install scripts, that would have prevented ANY upgrade.

I know that this is a bit late to rebuild all the KDE packages to include such a bail-out function...


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