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Archmobile: GTA02 freerunner does not appear as network interface.

I installed Archmobile on my GTA02; unfortunately it seems my microSD is one of those where the GTA02 is unable to boot from.

Consequently I had to install in the NAND. According to the ticket 121 I changed the
usb0 line to eth0 in rc.conf.

So, the installation went as follow:
- download a openmoko snapshot.
- changed the rc.conf.
- changed the fstab so that /dev/mtdblock6 is mounted as / with jffs2 filesystem. (other values: defaults 0 1)
- made a jffs2 image from the snapshot (just used jffs2 -o ../snap.jffs2 from the directory).
- flashed the openmoko rootfs with the jffs2 image
- flashed the bootloader with the provided one.

My intention was mounting /home, /var and /usr on the microsd, but to begin it is fine.

Finally I booted the device: Archlinux starts, but it fails on "Updating Module Dependencies". All other start-up messages say `Done' and even loading uevents is fast (less than one second).

The prompt arrives and waits (I also removed the `delete screen' from etc/issue)... unfortunately even if the ssh and network daemon is started when I connect the usb cable to my pc nothing is shown in dmesg, nor in lsusb. The phone seems not-there. Of course since there is no keyboard I cannot control anything.

What can try? I would really like to have arch on my phone and possibly support the archmobile community.
Maybe a module is not loaded, but what one? If so adding it to MODULES might help?
Or the Update Module Dependencies is a critical failure? How can I explore the matter?



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