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#1 2005-03-17 20:45:19

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Screen messed up after switch from console to X


I have a problem with my switching from a console to X (ctrl+alt+f7). When I get back to X the entire screen is scrambled and the computer hangs. Even CAPS LOCK doesn't work anymore, nor can I login with ssh.

I'm using the latest ATI drivers from link's repository. I tried to switch back to radeon. The computer didn't hang, but it gave an unusable blocked screen.

Anyone experienced similar problems? I hope someone knows a solution, because it is really annoying not to have six consoles ready at my command, with just one fingertip (ok, three)


#2 2005-03-19 12:54:14

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Re: Screen messed up after switch from console to X

Do you have problems in windows as well? Has it just started happening?

Getting a hang up after switching back to a screen sounds like the card is going bad or maybe overheating. Check the heaksink on it isn't covered with sh$t.

I have a radeon 9600 pro and in both windows and linux its gives me problems -even from day 1. In windows it freezes up easily and in linux It sometimes gives me strange colors when switching screens. Have you  tried xorg's driver? Thats what Im using because ati's wasn't much better. I think I had to reinstall the kernel after going back to xorg from ati though...

I would try running a live cd like knoppix or arch. If you still get similar problems, then you'll know more than likely the card itself is bad.


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