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EDS: Linux bad / Linux good

I thought this was amussing how EDS along with other companies will tell you Linux is not secure and  not scalable enough to be used in the enterprise but will use it themselves. From slashdot... … ml?tid=163 … 795,00.htm

At the launch, Robb Rasmussen, vice president of EDS Global Alliances, explained that the alliance does not consider Linux to be a suitable operating system for the largest of enterprise customers because the open source operating system has issues with security, scalability and the possibility of forking.


"From a corporate perspective, we are not confident where Linux is right now today. A large enterprise needs to be sure because it relates to securifying [sic] the environment. We see some of the same things occurring that did to Unix -- it could splinter into many different types of languages. We are quite cautious about Linux and its deployment," said Rasmussen.

Rasmussen said he was just as concerned about using Linux on mainframe computers.

"We are concerned about security on an open standard environment like that. We are also concerned about some of the scalability issues that we are seeing on our clients on a global basis. Also, we are somewhat cautious about what happened with Unix – it splintered into eight applications -- until McNealy (Scott McNealy, chief executive of Sun) finally announced he won the battle and had the one surviving Unix out there. We think Linux has the possibility of going the same route," said Rasmussen.

Additionally, he said that Linux is not significantly cheaper than alternative operating systems.

"Quite honestly, in the notion of costs, as we look at what we are structuring with our alliance partners, we are not seeing a compelling cost advantage that would lend us towards Linux -- given the other things I have mentioned," said Rasmussen.

But now take a look at this page on EDS's website... … stant.aspx

In order to keep pace with constantly increasing volumes of Internet-bound e-mail without increasing infrastructure costs, EDS implemented Perimeter Messaging Services, standardized on Linux servers. The proven stability and capacity of these servers prompted them to see if the same environment could support Instant Messaging (IM), increasing collaboration between employees, vendors and clients.

The Business Issue
Our experience with the implementation and the stability of the new environment has enabled us to provide enhanced security, significantly increase throughput and operate in a mixed environment – maximizing our messaging processes and ongoing investment.

Richard Wilson
Senior Consultant
Many groups within EDS were demanding – and providing ample business cases for – instant messaging capabilities, but many publicly available IM products compromised security standards.

Our Approach
Implemented Linux server environment to ensure stability and security while keeping costs low
Implemented Linux-based messaging application that meets EDS' corporate security standards while enabling communication with users of other messaging software
How It Worked
Increased ROI on infrastructure investment by leveraging the existing mail relays to support additional IM connections
Projected 40 percent reduction in e-mail traffic, easing storage demands

Hypocrisy on this level is just so fun.  big_smile

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Re: EDS: Linux bad / Linux good

did I hear anyone say.....FUD?

just look at some of the companies in that group - in particular the ones that commented.


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Re: EDS: Linux bad / Linux good

Much ado about nothing. They just put out the first info because they are very anti-ibm, and ibm is pro-linux, so their pr department though, "lets bag on linux!"
then they realized that their customers use linux..
doh! backpedal..quick!

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