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How to force pacman to re-install packages?

Hi there!
I recently upgraded to KDESC 4.6 beta. Now kontact shows some serious bugs - stuff that in my imagination never would have made it past KDE's quality control (like not being able to delete mail). So I'm beginning to think, maybe something has gone wrong while upgrading (since, e.g. I hadn't shut down KDESC while doing the upgrade).

My point is: is there a way to force pacman to repeat the installation? The whole process of downloading, checking some checksums (if any), and installing again?

Is there any other way to track down my problems?

Best wishes,

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Re: How to force pacman to re-install packages?

"pacman -S pkg"   will reinstall it with checksum checks.   If you want to redownload too, clean your pacman cache (pacman -Scc), or manually delete just the files you want to redownload from there (/var/cache/pacman/pkg)


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